I adore all varieties of box, with
glorious Buxus sempervirens as
a desert island plant choice –  I just couldn’t imagine a garden without it. 
Dale & Heybrook Garden Designers
plant many varieties and forms of
Buxus regularly in their gardens. 

Box blight (a fungal disease resulting
in bare patches and die-back of box)
is an ever prevalent threat.  In order
to plant Buxus confidently in our
client’s gardens, we recommend a
twice annual spray of fungicide at the
beginning of March and August.

We have been doing this for many
years and with almost complete success. 
Here is our wonderful Russell spraying
130cm diametre box balls in a client’s
front garden last week.

Some varieties, such as the larger
leaved Buxus rotundifolia or narrow
leaved Buxus salicifolia, seem resistant
to the disease but their application
is not always suitable to the create
the effect required.

Laura, 14 March 2017