We strongly believe that every element in the garden or landscape should be carefully considered.  Anything added  should be both lovely and practical.  Getting the detail of the design absolutely right is critical.  In the words of Charles Eames, the talented architect and furniture designer ‘The details are not the details; They make the design.’ Beautiful paving can be ruined by bad pointing; an expensive terrace will not please if it is too small or in the wrong place; lovely flowers that look ugly when they fade will spoil the effect of a planting scheme; an item made to unattractive dimensions will never look right, no matter how good the materials; We take the greatest care to ensure good proportions, lovely materials, best performing plants and beautifully crafted objects.


A handmade metal gate and park fencing from a specialist blacksmith who has been making wonderful traditional metalwork for many years.  Below it, beautifully laid, reclaimed York stone paving that looks as if it has been there for years.


Reclaimed walling stone was used for new dry stone walls, so they would blend more quickly with the existing walls on the property.


Lily-flowered tulips in May.  We trial many plants and bulbs at home before selecting them for clients.


The pasque flower has gorgeous seedheads after its pretty Easter flowers have faded.


We designed this fun little gate to fit an unusually-shaped opening in an old garden wall.


This ammonite fossil, actually found on site during ground-works, was used in a new stone wall.


A cleft oak fence and gate made and installed by a specialist craftsman.


A dry stone wall that has been made higher and re-coped using reclaimed materials to blend with the original.  Soon, the new wall will be indistinguishable from the old.


This new trellis was neatly adapted to fit around an old fig tree.  The trellis will weather to a lovely silver to match its trunk.


Designing rose arches.


New white, electricity metre boxes painted to match the Victorian brickwork.