Fabulous roses
“I like my roses to flower into the
Autumn, smell fabulous... definitely
not red – rather apricots and soft
pinks...” So uttered a client 18 years
ago when designing his rose parterre garden. Some of these original plants
now need replacing, so today I revisited
a specialist rose grower and breeder. 

I timed my visit carefully, in late August,
to select varieties growing in the field displaying highly scented flower power
(as well as other factors including general form, health, stem and leaf colour
and shape).

Rosa ‘Chandos Beauty’ is still a top rated rose, so more of these were ordered.  Newer varieties were also selected including R. ‘Mary Berry’, R. ‘Royal Parks’ and R. ‘Debbie Phillips’.

No need to wait until next June to enjoy the flowers, they are still in full glory
and for weeks to come.  Summer is not over yet!

Laura, 26 August 2016