Making an Entrance!
Grand or simple, flamboyant or subtle,
a considered dress to all entrances, particularly to the front door, is vital to making a beautiful, welcoming and alluring home. 

Depending on our client’s style and location, we design all entrances to
set the scene for what’s to come; creating both appeal and a sense of anticipation. 

Here are some wonderful entranceways that I have enjoyed recently.  All are considered and capture the spirit
of the place. 

Laura, 17 April 2017


Wonderful Arne Maynard’s bejewelled front garden in very early spring.


Recently created stone arch at
Hanham Court.


Entrance to artisan tile makers home,
near Chettinad, southern India.


One of a fabulous series of entrances to 11th century Big Temple, Tanjore,
southern India