We have recently designed the landscaping for a new development of 10 houses on the edge of a pretty rural village.  We carefully sourced good value, in-keeping landscaping materials, including natural stone and clay bricks of the right colour and finish and local shingle.  Native trees were used to link the site with the surrounding countryside and frame views, these included Scots pine, English oak, wild cherries and hollies.  On the village side and in the gardens, ornamental varieties of crab apple and hawthorn echo the rural feel.  A mixed native hedge surrounds the site (much better than the ubiquitous laurel!) and is underplanted with wild primroses and snowdrops.  We also added some semi mature fruit trees, for all to enjoy apples, pears and plums.


We were also asked to design the ‘show house’ gardens.  We used a few larger trees and a satisfying amount of evergreens to prevent it all feeling too new and naked and planted easy but lovely plants in generous swathes with lavenders flanking paths on the sunny side of the houses.  The odd handsome piece of topiary was chosen for additional winter interest as the houses are to go on sale this winter.


Lavender edged paths.


During planting.


During planting.


A mixed native hedge surrounds the site and is underplanted with wild primroses and snowdrops.