Dale & Heybrook Garden Designers Oxford

View from a window
I have just returned from San Francisco where we are designing a garden in Presidio Heights.  Our clients have a wonderful 1930s house built by a prominent local architect in the vernacular modernist style. This was the view from my bedroom with the bay and Golden Gate bridge - and glorious sunshine!

The view is to the north and on the other side of the house there is a rare and coveted south-facing garden which we will turn into an urban oasis and delightful outdoor living space.

I visited local nurseries, including the charming Flora Grubb’s and a big wholesaler.   I also wandered around the area climbing the fantastically steep hills (that we know from the movies) and looking at the local gardens, many of which were in view because the San Franciscans garden along the pavement and in their front gardens.

Our lovely clients would like an English-style garden and it will be fun to create something quite different to most gardens out there.  Of course, we will use the right plants that will flourish, taking into account the microclimates of the city, but I think it will be quite special compared to the other gardens that I saw in the neighbourhood.

Rose, 3 March 2018